Same day battery replacement: 90% of macbook / macbook pro

An internal laptop battery replacement takes only minutes to an hour. Usually our technicians can have it done while you wait. In the event that we need to order the battery, we have preferred shipping with most major distributors and manufacturers and can have the repair done in 1-2 days.

Can a water damaged circuit board be fixed?

Yes we can, use contact cleaner to remove all condensation remaining, then inspect for burnt components, desolder defective/burnt components, then replace with new components, verifying with a multimeter, most PCBs can handle water submersion by blowing power fuses so not to damage the board, but some components may fail.

Vancouver Macintosh provides following services

Do you have problem about how to plan your IT, we can tailor-make the IT planning to cope with your need.

Vancouver Macintosh can upgrade your MAC

If you prefer to upgrade your Mac? You have found the right place. Enquiries are most welcome. Please call us at 604-781 1908 * TXT/CELL: 604-781-1639

Vancouver Macintosh

We have been in the field of Computer IT/Network over 20 years. Our expertised staff can help you in every respect to cope with your requirement regarding Mac Pro Setup and Repair, Support and Maintenance, etc. Just take a call, then everything can be solved shortly. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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